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The Virginia Declaration of Rights

Patrick Henry The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom The First Amendment The Declaration of Independence The Great Awakening and Pre-Revolutionary America The First Amendment and the Supreme Court

Historic Polegreen Church Foundation Newsletters

Works by Reverend Samuel Davies
Works About Reverend Samuel Davies
Interview with Robert Bluford, Jr., President of Historic Polegreen Church Foundation
Mr. Bluford discusses his life and the story of the Foundation. The interview is broken up into 15 mp3 audio files.
Slideshow of the Site's Timeline of Religious Freedom
One of the features of the Historic Polegreen Church site is the Timeline of Religious Freedom. The Timeline is a brick walkway inlayed with markers listing several important dates in the history of the struggle for religious freedom.
Guide by Cell Tour of the site
Visitors to the historic Polegreen Church site can now take a tour of the site using their cellular phone. By calling (804) 205-9836, Dr. Dan Roberts of the University of Richmond and host of National Public Radio's
"A Moment in Time" will guide you through the history and significance of Polegreen Church. You can listen to this virtual tour by choosing one of the segments below. All files are in mp3 format.
  1. Religious Freedom
  2. Polegreen Church: The Beginning
  3. Samuel Davies
  4. Samuel Davies and Patrick Henry
  5. Moving toward Tolerance
  6. Davies and Black Literacy
  7. Princeton
  8. The Demise of Polegreen Church
  9. Polegreen Today
  10. Why Preserve Polegreen

Historic Polegreen Church and the Civil War
Historic Polegreen Church met its demise during the Battle of Totopotomoy Creek in late May, 1864.
Documents and Publications
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